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Shamelen Henderson

Shamelen HendersonShamelen Henderson, a student at Luke C. Moore High School, can’t wait to enroll at Virginia State University (VSU) this fall to experience a change in scenery and environment. She says she chose VSU because the school “meets all of [her] needs.” She is excited to be able to go away for school, but not be too far from home. Shamelen plans on majoring in criminal justice with a minor in Spanish, and she knows that VSU will support her success in many ways, including through tutoring if she needs academic help. In the future, she wants to become a criminal defense lawyer so that she can help young people who are going through a challenging period in their lives. At Luke C. Moore, Shamelen says she appreciates the ways that her classes, such as Spanish and Microsoft Office, have helped her prepare for future careers and build her resume. “It’s not just something I can use in school, but also something I can take with me when I leave.” Shamelen says that her teachers at Luke C. Moore have gone above and beyond to support her success. “My teachers want the best for me. They don’t only support me in school. They also support me and my dreams and goals for after school.” #DCPSGoesToCollege

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