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David Hounyo

David HounyoWhen David Hounyo arrives on campus at the Georgia Institute of Technology, he is most excited about meeting other students who want to use technology to make the world a better place. “I want to see how everybody is going to go about making the change they want to see in the world.” Through McKinley Technology High School’s engineering program, David says that he has had the freedom to take the ideas in his mind and turn them into tangible objects through courses taught by educators who have real-world experience in the course they teach. David says he is drawn to engineering because of the opportunities for “ingenuity and creativity” because “there are so many way to go about solving different problems.” David has been involved in a number of activities during high school including robotics, the track team, and the Aspen Challenge team. Through Aspen Challenge, David worked with a team tasked with creating a solution to a societal problem. Ms. Elwell, the Aspen Challenge team sponsor, says that she appreciates the way that David is motivated by more than grades. “He’s a humanitarian, artist, and innovator all rolled into one.” On the track team, his main events are hurdles and long jump, and he says he is most proud of his gold medal at the DCSAA championships this year where he set a personal record. Through track, David appreciates the opportunity to step away from school and focus on constantly improving. “I love seeing people push their limits and go beyond what they think they can do and realize they can do so much more.” #DCPSGoesToCollege

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