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Cyrus Verrani

Cyrus Verrani

Cyrus Verrani is a visionary technology leader passionate in driving technological innovation and digital transformation within the education industry. Joining DCPS in 2017 in the role of IT Infrastructure Director, following his 6-year tenure at University of Maryland as a Technology Support and Endpoint Engineering Manager, Mr. Verrani was appointed as the DCPS Chief of Data and Technology in 2022. During his time at DCPS, Mr. Verrani has led significant initiatives to modernize systems and infrastructure and improve security and data privacy of DCPS's platforms. Through ongoing partnership with the district's Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO), Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL), and leveraging his experience adopting cutting-edge technologies to enhance teaching and learning in the 21st century, Mr. Verrani has driven meaningful technological change at DCPS. Mr. Verrani has played significant leading roles in the implementation of transformative technology solutions such as the Empowered Learners Initiative (ELI), a 1:1, comprehensive blended learning program that ensures equitable access to modern technology and resources in the classroom and at home. Other noteworthy initiatives under Mr. Verrani's leadership include the modernization of DCPS network capacity and security, enhancements to endpoint security and deployment, cloud migration of business-critical systems, online assessments administration, and more. 

Mr. Verrani earned his Bachelor of Computing Systems at UNITEC Institute of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand, and his Master's in Business Administration from University of Maryland Global Campus.

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