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DC Public Schools
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Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy

Friday, May 31, 2019


DCPS is committed to protecting the safety, health, and welfare of the young people in its charge as well as that of its employees. Towards that end - and by the authority provided by the D.C. Official Code - DCPS sets forth the requirements of its Employee Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing (MDAT) Program. DCPS employees occupying "safety-sensitive" positions shall be subject to drug and alcohol testing. At DCPS, all school-based positions are considered "safety sensitive." and employees occupying those position shall be deemed "covered employees" under this policy. Covered employees shall be notified that they are subject to this Policy before being directed to undergo drug or alcohol testing.

The policy includes requirements on affected individuals, the substances tested, notification, circumstances for testing, prohibited conduct, consequences, duty to report, testing types and methods (including reasonable suspicion testing, post-accident testing, return-to-duty testing, and follow-up testing), and employee assistance and rights.