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DC Public Schools
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Mathematics education in the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) is an engaging, dynamic student-centered learning experience. Guided by teachers’ deep knowledge of the Common Core Content and Practice Standards, students will be motivated and challenged as they develop conceptual understanding, apply understanding to unfamiliar, real world mathematical situations, and fluently manipulate numbers and symbols. Through these engaging experiences, students will develop competency in the eight mathematical practices. Teachers and students have access to high-quality Common Core-aligned curricular resources, purposeful and actionable data obtained from quality assessments, an inquiry-based instructional model, and targeted professional development designed to support teachers and staff in the implementation of the DCPS Mathematics Instructional Block.

Contact Information

Kim Cherry, Deputy Chief, STEM
Kaiulani Ivory, Director, Elementary Mathematics
Traun Brodhead, Director, Secondary Mathematics
Sharon Welch, Manager, Elementary Mathematics, Cluster 1
Margaret Harrison, Manager, Elementary Mathematics, Cluster 2
Terry Joiner, Manager, Elementary Mathematics, Cluster 3
Labonnie Smith, Manager, Elementary Mathematics, Cluster 4
Annetra Peete, Ed.D, Manager, Elementary Mathematics, Cluster 5
Monique Williams, Manager, Elementary Mathematics, Cluster 6
Alice Jackson, Manager, Middle School Mathematics, Cluster 7
John Seelke, Manager, High School Mathematics, Cluster 8
Gabe Cartagena, Manager, High School Mathematics, Cluster