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DC Public Schools
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Trainings for School Staff and Community Partners

High school students surrounding a teacher instructing them on robotics

The Student Behavior Team provides a variety of professional learning opportunities for schools to build capacity around proactive approaches to create a positive school environment and responding to student behavior through a restorative lens. Professional development is available to all DCPS schools and stakeholders during the DCPS professional development days and by school/cluster request.

The trainings offered are as follows:

Restorative Practices (RP):

  • 101: Getting Grounded
  • 102: Facilitating Circles
  • 103: Restorative Practices in the School Environment
  • 104: Restorative Conversations
  • 105: Trauma Responsive Schools through a Restorative Practices Len
  • Building Caring Classroom Community

Bullying Prevention Point of Contacts

  • Understanding Bullying Prevention Policy
  • Effective bullying investigation tactics

Crisis Prevention Intervention

  • Verbal De-escalation
  • Physical Restraint and Seclusion

Targeted School Violence Assessment

  • Keeping our schools safe

Student Behavior Tracker/Chapter 25

  • Understanding DCMR Chapter 25 and Student Fair Access to Schools Act
  • Supporting and Managing Student Behavior

In-School Suspension

  • Implementing an Effective Trauma Responsive In-School Suspension Space

If you would like to request a training for your school or school community, please email [email protected].