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DC Public Schools

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Credit Recovery Policy

June 2024

DCPS has developed a new Summer Learning Credit Recovery Policy to modify the necessary aspects of the Credit Recovery Policy for the summer learning environment, including the available courses, scheduling and staffing, and attendance. Unless specifically noted in this policy, all other requirements of the Credit Recovery Policy apply to summer learning credit recovery programs.


August 22, 2022

The DCPS credit recovery program is designed to support students in their efforts to recover credits from courses they have failed. Credit recovery courses are individualized and proficiency-based and allow students an opportunity to earn course credit by demonstrating mastery of content at the same level of rigor as the original course, consistent with the DCPS curriculum. All high school students who fail a course required for graduation may be considered for enrollment in credit recovery.

This policy conveys DCPS requirements related to credit recovery courses, including allowable courses, eligibility for credit recovery, allowable formats for instruction, scheduling and staffing, attendance, course completion and grading, the appeals process, and special consideration for English Learners and students with disabilities.