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DC Public Schools
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D&F Sole Source for Turnaround For Children (OPY3)

Thursday, May 21, 2020



Notice Date


Response Due Date


Caption and Description

The District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), Office of the Deputy Chancellors (ODC) is seeking a contractor to provide consulting services and coaching to DCPS school leadership staff in SY 2019-202020. The contractor shall engage with leadership team in the following areas:

  • Team for School Improvement: collaborate with school's leadership to put in place a Team for school Improvement (TSI)
  • School-wide proactive Discipline: facilitate, via structured consultations and work sessions with the school leadership and other school staff, the development, implementation, and maintenance of a proactive, school-wide discipline framework.

Leadership Consulting: shall systematically preload the school's leadership in all of the knowledge, skills structures, and processes being delivered by contractor.

Vendor Name

Turnaround For Children

Determination and Findings

Proposed Sole Source

DCPS Program/School

Office of the Deputy Chancellors

Point of Contact

Candace Butler, [email protected]

and Joan Aird, [email protected]