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Back In My Day We Learned How to Code

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Ketcham student types HTML code.

Students around the world participated in Hour of Code this week. Hour of Code is an opportunity for students to dive into computer science as part of STEM in schools—helping them stay competitive with the world.  Dozens of DCPS schools participated! Here’s a snapshot:

Ketcham ES

Coding helps students with their creative skills and problem solving ability, said fifth-grade teacher Milton Bryant. Learning with computers has helped Ketcham students improve their test scores.

Cardozo EC and McKinley Tech HS

Mayor Gray and Chancellor Henderson joined students from Cardozo EC and McKinley Tech HS

Mayor Gray and Chancellor Henderson joined students from Cardozo EC and McKinley Tech HS as they programmed the afternoon away. Cardozo hosts a National Academy Foundation information technology (IT) academy, while McKinley Tech hosts an IT academy and an engineering academy. One McKinley Tech student, Larnelle interned with Microsoft last summer and started his own gaming company. More pictures here.

Truesdell EC

Students who completed the hour of code holding their certificates

Students who completed the hour of code received well-deserved certificates!

Murch ES

A young child wearing headphones

Yup, that’s a kindergartener coding away with a game to help the youngest learners understand patterns in coding while picking up math skills. Students learn how to program an animated character by interacting with their hands.

Deal MS

A boy in a classroom looks at the camera.

Students were hard at work coding in the library!


Brightwood EC

Children seated in a classroom with their hands raised.

I just did the introduction to my group of students in the afterschool program, showing them some videos and letting them try out some of the tutorials. They loved it so much, when I asked them who would like to sign up for a full-blown coding course, everyone raised their hand to join. The only ones who didn't raise their hand were those who were so busy doing their tutorials to hear my question,” said Mr. de la Torre, a technology and ESL teacher.


Beers ES

Students seated starring at computers.

Students across grades actively engaged with coding games throughout the week.


Burrville ES

Elementary school students smile while seated at computers

A fourth grade class worked with a program that based coding off of an Angry Birds game. So much was going on that they didn’t take a photo. But the teacher, Ms. Abdurrahman, said: “We got to level 8 and wrote 11 lines of code. The student who wrote the winning code was a quiet, well-mannered student. When he finished, the whole class rushed him in the library to congratulate him. You would have thought they won the football game!”