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Chancellor Henderson and Teach to One Unveil Customized Math Instruction at Hart Middle School

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Teach to One: Math provides a customized instructional plan for each student, each day

DC Public Schools (DCPS) Chancellor Kaya Henderson and Teach to One today unveiled an innovative, technology-driven math program for all students at Hart Middle School in Ward 8. Teach to One: Math is revolutionizing math instruction at Hart by providing instruction on multiple skills at multiple academic levels each class period. Every day, each student receives a unique math schedule that targets skills the student is ready to learn and provides instruction at that student's academic level.

“Hart Middle School has shown that they are ready to learn and ready to truly shine,” said Henderson. “Teach to One’s innovative model meets students where they are, so each student has instruction at his or her own academic level every day. I am confident that coupled with Principal Kearney’s strong leadership, Teach to One is going to help us to continue to see success at Hart.”

Over the summer, Hart was remodeled for Teach to One: Math, so math students now sit in two large, open classrooms. At any time, there are six to eight different types of instruction, delivered in a variety of formats including live teacher-led instruction, collaborative learning, live virtual instruction, software-based learning, and independent practice. One group of students, for example, might work with a teacher on probability while another group uses software to practice specific skills. A complex set of algorithms, based on each student’s understanding at the end of the previous lesson, creates a customized schedule for the next day. In this way, each student moves through a rich, individualized learning experience at his or her own pace. And teachers are able to leverage their time and expertise to better support student learning.

“It’s easy to look at Teach to One and focus on the laptops for each student and other technology, but this isn’t a technology program. It’s an innovative math program that uses technology to help our teachers maximize their impact,” said Hart Principal Billy Kearney. “There is a huge amount of teaching — focused, targeted teaching — happening through this program, and that is how students learn and achieve.”

On the 2012 DC CAS, 29 percent of Hart students were proficient in math, up from 11 percent proficiency in 2007. This shows Hart’s determination to improve and the significant work left to do. Multiple schools were interested in implementing Teach to One. Hart was chosen because its principal and staff showed the strongest commitment to making the program succeed.

“We are excited to see Teach to One beginning to take shape at Hart,” said Joel Rose, co-founder and chief executive officer of New Classrooms Innovation Partners, which developed Teach to One. “The faculty and staff at Hart are committed to bringing personalized learning to their students and we are excited to be working in partnership with them to make that a reality.”

Key funding for Hart’s Teach to One program is provided by CityBridge Foundation and DC Public Education Fund.


Teach to One, developed by New Classrooms Innovation Partners, reimagines the classroom. It integrates a variety of instructional approaches — teacher-led instruction, student collaboration, software, and virtual instructors — to personalize instruction. Each student. Each day. Each student moves through a rich, individualized learning experience at his or her own pace. And teachers are able to leverage their time and expertise to better support student learning. Teach to One currently serves about 3,500 students in Chicago, New York, and Washington, DC. New Classroom’s national funders include the Bezos Family Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Broad Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation, and NewSchools Venture Fund.

Contact: Melissa Salmanowitz | 202-535-1096