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DC Student Defying the Odds Through Art

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DC Student Defying the Odds Through Art

When 18-year-old Khadijah Wilson opens up her art portfolio, she is revealing a lot of herself.

"One of my big things was, statistically, I am incapable of success," says Wilson.

That is what people told her about kids in foster care. She showed FOX 5 a sketch she made of a courtroom. She knows courtrooms well having been to 15 hearings in family court.

"Here over in the corner, you have this guy who's peering in and you feel exposed,” says Wilson. “Then you have this mic that's really in our face. And it just depicts what I go through."

She entered foster care at age 16 when she says her mother could no longer take care of her.

"Once you get dropped off at someone else's house, I was 16, but I felt like I was six. It was very vulnerable," Wilson says.

She says nobody listened, so when her actual voice was silenced, she found a voice in art.

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