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DC Public Schools
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DCPS Enrollment Continues to Increase in Fourth Year of Growth

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Enrollment grows by 2.1 percent with 48,653 students enrolling at DC Public Schools in School Year 2015-2016

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(Washington, DC) In School Year 2015-2016, 48,653 students enrolled in DC Public Schools (DCPS), a 2.1 percent growth from last school year’s reported enrollment, and the fourth year of enrollment growth for the district, according to preliminary data released today.

“There is no more important measure of our progress than increased enrollment,” says Chancellor Kaya Henderson. “More parents are trusting their students to DCPS because we are offering great opportunities and helping students realize success. I am excited to see our enrollment continue to grow in the coming years.”

DC Public Schools Enrollment, School Years 2011-12 through 2015-16. Increase from 45,191 to 48, 653 in four years.

Five schools in particular saw strong growth in enrollment compared to last school year:

  • Ballou High School increased enrollment by 24 percent, due in part to starting the school year in a new building and an aggressive recruitment strategy;
  • Drew Elementary School increased by 23 percent, due in part to an aggressive recruitment strategy;
  • Mann Elementary School increased by 19 percent, due to retaining 100 percent of the school’s fourth and fifth graders;
  • Turner Elementary School increased by 19 percent, due in part to an aggressive recruitment strategy; and
  • Powell Elementary School increased by 15 percent, due in part to its dual-language program.

DCPS is on track to meet its Capital Commitment goal of enrolling 50,000 students by School Year 2016-2017. In 2014, DC Public Schools exceeded its own goal to increase enrollment to 47,000 students, and set a new goal of 50,000 students by 2017.

The audited enrollment numbers for School Year 2015-2016 are scheduled to be released in early 2016.