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School Mental Health Team

Photo of DCPS Students at play

The School Mental Health Team assesses for barriers to optimal school progress. We provide high quality services that promote the development of healthy relationships, sound decision making, and effective regulation of emotions and behavior. DCPS employs approximately 225 school social workers, 110 school psychologists and three art therapists. 

Team Goals

  • Increase access to mental health services for ALL students
  • Assess for critical areas of concern impacting education
  • Support students and staff in addressing areas of concern

Key Areas of Focus

  • Consider trauma exposure in all forms of assessment
  • Increase the number of students screened for trauma exposure
  • Increase the offerings of trauma-informed treatment within the school setting

School Psychologists

The mission for DCPS School Psychologists is to identify and provide the necessary support for students to benefit from their educational program through:

  • Consultation with teachers, parents, and administrators to find effective solutions regarding problems in learning and behavior;
  • A wide variety of assessment techniques at an individual, group, and systems level to evaluate: academic skills, learning aptitudes, personality and emotional development, social skills, and eligibility for special education; 
  • Intervention with children and families to help solve conflicts and problems in learning and adjustment;
  • Prevention by identifying potential learning difficulties; and,
  • Education and staff development.

Who are School Psychologists? One-Pager

School Social Workers

The mission for DCPS School Social Workers is to identify and provide the necessary support for students to benefit from their educational program through:

  • Targeted evidenced based interventions to promote mental health and school success; 
  • Collaboration and consultation with other service providers, classroom staff and caregivers; and, 
  • School wide universal interventions to foster positive school adjustment and social emotional well-being.

It is our expectation that school social workers will collaborate with school staff to develop a multi-faceted approach to delivering school mental health services. School social workers will:

  1. Identify clear protocols for responding to student needs; 
  2. Plan and implement programs in response to the needs of the students, staff, and school community;
  3. Document, track and assess outcomes to ensure services align with larger school improvement goals; and, 
  4. Engage staff and families as partners in promoting the social and emotional well-being of students.

Who are School Social Workers? One-Pager

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