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The data available here will give you a snapshot of progress in DCPS schools, and offer insight as to what’s in store for DCPS.

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We believe that school leaders have an immense power to positively impact the life outcomes of their students. We also believe that school leaders will be most successful if they are supported in their work.

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The School Mental Health Team assesses for barriers to optimal school progress. We provide high quality services that promote the development of healthy relationships, sound decision making, and effective regulation of emotions and behavior.

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Today’s school nurse serves as the critical link between families, school personnel, community and other health providers. As the front-line healthcare provider in the school setting, nurses are the first to assist students who have been injured, become ill or face an emergency.

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School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) are comprehensive primary care clinics that are located within schools. 

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DCPS welcomes the exploration of careers within our organization and schools. We have several places for you to search for information.  

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DCPS summer programs allow high school students to recover credit, transition from school to work, and continue to develop English language proficiency.

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ELL students receive services that help them attain English language proficiency and be academically successful.

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Secondary transition is the process of preparing students for life after they leave high school, including participation in post-secondary education or training, employment, and community living.  Secondary transition training begins in Pre-Kindergarten, with the ultimate outcome of students living independently based on their preferences, abilities and limitations.