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Chancellor’s Parent Cabinet Meeting - April, 2014

Last Date:

DCPS Central Office


Meeting Goals
1) Review topics of discussion for remainder of year
2) Provide overview of DCPS community engagement and seek additional input



  • DCPS Chancellor’s Parent Cabinet Members: Susan Boa, Angelina Bradley, Gary Carleton, Olivia A. Chase, Patrick Clowney, Craig DeWolfe, Marcio Duffles, David Galbraith, Sirraya Gant, Vivian Guerra, Christena Howell, Laura Levine, Rahul Mereand-Sinha, Gloria Norman-Okojie, Dan Rosenthal, Andrew Rowe, Idella Simpson, Thomas Strike, Emily Walton, Martin Welles, Arthur Yarbrough  Not in attendance: Kevonya Dickens, Leslie Scott, Aquila Watson
  • Chancellor Kaya Henderson
  • DCPS Office of Family and Public Engagement: Josephine Bias Robinson, Shanita Burney, Jennifer
  • Skates