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DCPS: Life Insurance

Basic Life Insurance

All DCPS employees receive basic, term life insurance coverage beginning on Day 1 of their employment and are automatically enrolled in this benefit unless they decline the coverage via PeopleSoft during their first 31 days of employment.  Basic life insurance is equal to 1x your annual salary (rounded up to the nearest $1,000) plus $2,000. You cannot enroll in supplemental life insurance unless you are enrolled in the basic life insurance plan. Premium rates are based on age and salary. Individualized costs will be calculated and provided via the Benefits tab of the PeopleSoft account.

  • Standard - Option A:   Additional $10,000 worth of insurance coverage.
  • Additional – Option B:  Additional coverage equivalent to one up to five times your annual salary.
  • Family – Option C:  Employees can elect to add the additional coverage for eligible dependents. For each child the employee can add $10,000 of coverage and $50,000 for their spouse. Coverage cannot exceed 50% of the employee’s base life insurance coverage.

Access the Standard Coverage Limitation Certificate here. For more information about the plan, please visit For additional information regarding Life Insurance please contact our benefits team at [email protected]


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