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DC Public Schools
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Licensure Compliance

Individuals employed by the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) and serving as a school teacher, school service provider, or school administrator (principal or assistant principal) must hold an educator credential issued by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) in the corresponding assignment area.   

The DCPS Licensure team, in collaboration with OSSE, tracks licensure compliance for instructional and administrative employees to ensure upcoming compliance deadlines are met. While OSSE manages the licensure application process and issues licenses, the DCPS Licensure team can provide general support for licensure inquiries.   

Outlined below are the application requirements and processes to apply for a new or renewed license. Questions related to the credential application process can be directed to [email protected]. Questions related to compliance requirements can be directed to [email protected].  

Praxis Test Support

To support current instructional staff members in completing licensure test requirements, DCPS is providing, free of charge, online Praxis study guides through 240 Tutoring. If you are interested in taking advantage of this free resource, please email a copy of your Praxis exam registration to [email protected]

Praxis At Home Updates

Before registering for an at-home test, check that your technology is up-to-date and that your computer and testing room meet the necessary qualifications. A full list of at-home testing requirements is included here

Over 100 Praxis tests are available for at-home testing. A full list of available exams is listed here.  

Information regarding the registration and scheduling processes for remote testing can be found on the ETS website here.  

Licensure Application Requirements and Processes

To apply for an OSSE license, you must do so via the OSSE website here.  

Teacher Applicants-New License

If you are applying for a new teaching license from OSSE, please review the checklist of requirements below. OSSE offers three types of licenses: One-Year Provisional, Initial, and Standard. A full list of requirements for these credentials can be found here. A full list of accepted test scores can be found here

Teacher Applicants-Renewing OSSE License

There are three options available to renew a standard DC educator credential that is due to expire or reinstate once it has already expired. Applicants may renew via Professional Learning Units (PLUs), IMPACT ratings or by retaking the Praxis subject content exam. To renew a credential, applicants must submit proper documentation verifying successful completion of all requirements for any one of the three options. These options may not be combined when renewing a single credential. You can reference a full list of requirements here

Teacher Applicants-Adding an Endorsement

An added teaching endorsement is a teacher certification that enables an individual to demonstrate their qualifications to teach in an additional subject area. Only individuals who hold an active primary standalone teaching credential are eligible to earn an endorsement. 

An individual may add teaching endorsements using the exam-only option. This option requires submission of an added endorsement application that includes passing scores for the Praxis subject content and pedagogy exams required for the endorsement subject area. The individual must hold an active Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) primary standalone teaching credential in another subject, that is not due to expire within 60 days. A full list of requirements for the endorsement process is linked here.  

Administrator Applicants-New License

OSSE offers two types of Administrative Services licenses: Initial and Standard. Individuals with less than four years of school-based teaching, instructional leadership, or pupil services experience and/or no School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA Praxis 6990) must apply for an Initial Administrator License. A full list of requirements is included here

Related Service Provider Credential

Please note the following roles fall under the Related Service Provider category, which OSSE refers to as School Service Provider (SSP). 

  • Reading Specialist 
  • School Librarian/Media Specialist 
  • School Audiologist 
  • School Counselor 
  • School Social Worker 
  • School Speech Pathologist 
  • School Psychologist 

The Initial and Standard SSP credentials authorize the holder to serve and/or deliver services to children and youth in elementary, middle and secondary grade schools in the District of Columbia. Applicants may be issued an initial or standard SSP credential based upon their qualifications. Please reference the applicable professional licensing board within the DC Department of Health for information regarding any additional licensing requirements 

DCPS recommends that school-based health professionals such as audiologists, counselors, social workers, speech-language pathologists, and psychologists who are currently employed at a DC public charter school or private school contact the applicable professional licensing board within the DC Department of Health for information regarding licensing requirements to operate in those facilities.