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Human Resources Announcements

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new Leave of Absence (LOA) online application! The DCPS Leave of Absence Request application replaces the paper version, and will expedite the leave request process for employees.

Note the following key details of the Leave of Absence Request application:

  • The online application completely replaces the paper application, so you will not be required to submit any documentation via email, fax, or in-person.
  • Applicants will be asked to respond to a series of eligibility determination questions and upload required documentation directly into the application. Once a completed application has been processed, Employee Services will email a detailed notification letter to each employee. Employee Services will also provide a general update to the employee’s supervisor, Staffing Coordinator and Payroll.
  • You will have access to view your personal leave of absence request history within the online application!
  • You may visit the section entitled “When Should I Request a Leave of Absence?” for an overview of the different types of Leaves of Absence for which you may qualify.
  • Please note, the application will not allow you to save your progress prior to submitting a completed application. Please review the checklist below to ensure that you have everything needed to proceed-you will not be able to save portions of the application, as you must complete the entire form in one sitting.
    • Number of Leave of Absence hours requested
    • Number of hours in each leave category you are planning to use (e.g., sick leave, annual leave, paid family leave) or indicate “Exhaust” for the leave category
    • Order in which you wish to allocate your leave hours (e.g., (1) paid family leave, (2) sick leave, (3) annual leave)
    • Requested Start Date and End Date of Leave of Absence period
    • Physician’s Statement