DC Public Schools

Registration is open for SY22-23 afterschool programs at dcps.dc.gov/afterschool.

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DCPS Offices


Ensure that every school guarantees students reach their full potential through rigorous and joyful learning experiences provided in a nurturing environment.


Office of the Chief of Staff
Maggie Thomas, [email protected]

Office of Engagement and Partnerships
Sarah Parker (Interim), [email protected]

Office of Communications
Jessica Jennings, [email protected]

Office of Elementary Schools
Kim Jackson, [email protected]

Office of Secondary Schools
Drewana Bey, [email protected]

Office of School Improvement and Supports
Brenda Elliott, [email protected]

Office of Teaching and Learning
Corinne Colgan, [email protected]

Office of Data and Technology
Cyrus Verrani (Interim), [email protected]

Office of Integrity
Cinthia Ruiz (Interim), [email protected]

Office of Operations
Ely Ross, [email protected]

Office of Resource Strategy
Sharon Gaskins, [email protected]

Office of the General Counsel
Quinne Harris-Lindsey (Interim), [email protected]

Office of the Deputy Chancellors
Melissa Kim, [email protected]
Amy Maisterra, [email protected]

Office of Leadership Development
David Pinder, [email protected]