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DC Public Schools
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DCPS Volunteer FAQs

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Do I need to go through the volunteer clearance process?

Any individual that will be providing volunteer services, including parents, must complete the DCPS Clearance process. The only exceptions granted are individuals in the groups noted below:

  1. You are volunteering for a one-time, on-campus event, like Career Day or Field Day. Please email the Clearance Team at [email protected] to confirm whether you qualify for a clearance exception.
  2. You are a potential volunteer under the age of 18. Individuals in this group should complete this form: Under 18 Years Old Volunteer Application and return to [email protected]
  3. You are a potential volunteer with an active secret or top secret federal security clearance. Individuals in this group should complete the Federal Security Clearance Verification letter in lieu of being fingerprinted with DCPS. The original signed verification form, a copy of a state issued photo ID, and TB test (if required based on the Risk Assessment) taken within the last 12 months should be emailed to [email protected]. Applicants must also submit a DCPS Clearance Application.

How do I complete the volunteer clearance process?

Complete the DCPS Clearance Application.

Complete the TB Risk Assessment Screening, embedded in the DCPS Clearance Application. If directed, based on the results of your TB Risk Assessment Screening, provide negative skin or blood tests taken, or a clear x-ray analysis issued, within the last 12 months, to the DCPS Clearance team at [email protected]

Fingerprints are completed through FieldPrint and instructions can be found in your confirmation email for the submission of your complete clearance application.

What if my tuberculosis (TB) test was positive?

If your skin test is positive, but you do not have active TB, then you will need to show negative results from a blood test taken in the last 12 months or a chest x-ray taken in the last 5 years.

Do I need to know the name of the school where I will be volunteering?

Yes. All volunteers must have a confirmed placement in a DC public school before going through the clearance process. 

What if I do not have a volunteer placement yet?

If you are interested in volunteering during the school day, use the school profiles link to identify schools that may be a good match. Please reach out directly to the schools to explain what you would like to do and when you are available.

Does DCPS process and fingerprint charter school volunteers?

No. We do not use DCPS resources for non-DCPS volunteers. Charter and private schools have their own requirements and will not accept a clearance letter from DCPS.

Does DCPS accept outside background checks?

No. All volunteers must be fingerprinted through the DCPS Clearance Team unless you meet the exceptions noted above. 

I am coaching a sport. Should I complete this process?

Yes, all coaches must complete the DCPS clearance process. 

What happens if I do not clear the background check?

We strongly encourage volunteers to include as much information as possible within their online Clearance Application about prior incidents that may reflect on an FBI background check. Volunteers who have a prior incident noted on their background check will receive a letter from the Office of School Security with further instructions to move forward in the clearance process.  

Can I request another copy of my DCPS volunteer clearance letter?

Yes. Please email [email protected] and include the correct spelling of your first name, last name, and date when you were fingerprinted. 

When does my volunteer clearance expire?

DCPS clearance records are valid for 2 years from the fingerprinting date. As a reminder, the date of your clearance is at the top left corner of your clearance letter. Once the 2-year period has past, you must submit a new clearance application and complete the compliance fingerprinting. Note that a new TB test is not required for returning volunteers.