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English Language Arts

DCPS supports highly effective English Language Arts (reading, writing, speaking and listening) instruction through a research-based approach that aligns between schools and grade levels through standardized and Common Core State Standard (CCSS) aligned curriculum, district-wide teacher professional development, reading interventions and assessments.

Elementary Literacy

DCPS students Grades K-5 participate in daily classroom instruction around reading, writing, speaking and listening. Per the Common Core State Standards, students build content knowledge across subject areas through rich text sets and book studies. Elementary literacy instruction is organized into a consistent 120-Minute Literacy Block, which provides a common structure to help students transition between grade levels and schools, lays the groundwork for curriculum across grade levels, and creates a framework for professional development.

Secondary Literacy

DCPS students Grades 6-12 participate in daily classroom instruction focused on the mastery of the Common Core State Standards, which require students to engage in rigorous reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students experience a curriculum comprised of texts by diverse authors that address a wide variety of topics with the goal of fostering critical thinking, communication and collaboration, and preparing students for college and career.

Contact Information

Corinne Colgan, Deputy Chief, Literacy and Humanities
Jennifer Jump, Director, Elementary Literacy
Raymond Cummings Jr., Ed.D., Director, Secondary Literacy