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Opportunity Academy

DCPS has four Opportunity Academies (Ballou STAY, Luke C. Moore, Roosevelt STAY, and Washington Metropolitan) that offer a personalized competency-based learning program to ensure that all students in the district have a positive pathway to post-secondary success. Students who could benefit from a non-traditional setting may be referred for transfer or may elect to pursue entry to an Opportunity Academy. Transfer priority will be determined based on how many credits a student has earned relative to his/her first ninth grade year, the intensity of interventions attempted at the current high school and the student and parent/guardian’s preference for a transfer. Below is additional information on enrollment guidelines:

  • Opportunity Academies are optional; students will not be mandated to attend an Opportunity Academy.
  • Opportunity Academies do not participate in the My School DC Lottery process.
  • High school Opportunity Academy students requiring full-time special education programming can be accommodated at Ballou STAY.
  • Students currently enrolled in another DCPS school should go through the referral process for the Opportunity Academies.  
  • Students who are 17 and under and not enrolled in a DCPS school may pursue Opportunity Academy enrollment through the Student Supports Team.     
  • Students who are 18 years and older and not currently enrolled in a DCPS school may pursue enrollment directly at any point in the year at an Opportunity Academy and admission will be granted based on available space.  

Please direct all inquiries about Opportunity Academy referrals to the Student Supports Team at (202) 939-2004.

For additional information about each of the Opportunity Academies, please reference the DCPS School Profiles Website.