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Pre-Kindergarten (PK3 and PK4)

Photo of a smiling male pre-kindergarten student wearing a white shirt

DCPS places a strong value on early childhood education and strives to make seats in these grades available to as many children as possible in a fair and equitable way. However, because students are not required by law to attend preschool (PK3) or prekindergarten (PK4), the “right to attend” is not extended to children in these grades.

DCPS offers seats for 3-year-old children in PK3 and seats for 4-year-old children in PK4. Per DC Municipal Regulations (DCMR), families may enroll children in PK3 if they are 3 years old and in PK4 if they are 4 years old, respectively, by September 30.

To apply for a PK3 or PK4 seat, families must submit an application through the My School DC lottery.

Early Action PK Schools

The DCPS Early Action Pre-Kindergarten program provides guaranteed access for in-boundary students applying to pre-kindergarten at participating schools. Students who live in-boundary for a participating DCPS Early Action school are guaranteed a seat at their in-boundary school in PK3 or PK4, as long as they meet two conditions: (1) they submit an application through the My School DC lottery by March 1, 2019, and (2) they are not matched with a school they ranked higher. If a student is matched at their Early Action PK school, they will not be waitlisted at any school they ranked lower. If the child is matched with the in-boundary school, the family must enroll the student by the lottery enrollment deadline of Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 to secure their seat.

Participating DCPS schools in School Year 2019-20 are:

  1. Aiton Elementary School
  2. Amidon-Bowen Elementary School
  3. Browne Education Campus
  4. Bunker Hill Elementary School
  5. Burroughs Elementary School
  6. Drew Elementary School
  7. Langley Elementary School
  8. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School
  9. Miner Elementary School
  10. Moten Elementary School
  11. Noyes Elementary School
  12. Stanton Elementary School
  13. Takoma Education Campus
  14. Thomson Elementary School
  15. Truesdell Elementary School
  16. Turner Elementary School
  17. Wheatley Education Campus

To secure their seat at your school, in-boundary families must submit a My School DC lottery application by the Thursday, March 1st, 2018 11:59 pm deadline. Families will only receive the Early Action PK3 or PK4 match for a school if they are not matched to any other school. Therefore, families are encouraged to rank their Early Action Pre-Kindergarten school as their first choice on the application.

If the child is matched with the in-boundary school, the family must enroll the student by the lottery enrollment deadline of May 1, 2018.

Note, if a student is matched with a PK3 or PK4 seat at a school ranked higher than the in-boundary school, the student will no longer qualify for “early action” access at the in-boundary school.

Photo by Andy Le