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Student Safety

Providing a Physically Safe Environment for Learning

The Office of School Security works with other agencies to make sure that schools provide a physically safe environment for learning. Their goal is to prevent criminal activity in and around schools, to investigate incidents, and to coordinate an effective response to serious misbehavior or crime. 

The following people work together to provide security:

DCPS Security Staff

DCPS security staff members coordinate the work of DCPS employees, Metropolitan Police Department officers, and school security officers in order to provide a safe environment in which our children can learn and grow. They also strive to ensure that all adults who work with students model as much as possible our overall approach to student behavior and discipline.

MPD Officers

Metropolitan Police officers in schools perform regular police duties. They are specially trained to work with young people. They work to foster positive relationships with people in schools, prevent criminal activity and respond quickly and effectively in emergency situations.

Security Officers

Security officers work for MPD through a contract. They work with the school principal and staff to make sure that students are physically safe at all times.

They conduct security patrols throughout the building and grounds.They monitor cafeterias, auditoriums, hallways, stairwells, restrooms, entrances and exits.They provide security at athletic events, social gatherings, group assemblies and other school activities.

If you see something illegal or unsafe at your school, your child’s school, or any school, call the TIP Hotline at  (202) 541-6016.

The Office of School Security has a confidential hotline called “TIP,” which stands for “Tell It Please.” This hotline gives individuals (including students) a way to report illegal or unsafe activities in and around schools. Callers can remain anonymous and all reports are handled confidentially.

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