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DC Public Schools
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School Visitor Policy

Friday, September 30, 2022

DCPS understands the importance of fostering parents’ ability to become true partners in their child’s education; to understand their child’s experiences at school; and to develop skills that will enable them to promote learning at home by connecting classroom experiences to their child’s home experiences. DCPS recognizes that schools are public institutions and should be open to visits from parents and other interested parties to the extent that visits do not compromise student or staff safety and do not disrupt the education process or school’s operation. School buildings will continue to be open to the public as long as visitors do not disrupt school instruction, operation, or activities; or compromise the safety and security of students and staff. Please refer to the below School Visitor Policy for the full guidance. 

Early Childhood Education Parent Visitation: 

Pre-K parent visitors should adhere to the school security procedures outlined in the School Visitor Policy. During morning arrival, schools will have a designated area for early childhood parents to drop off their Pre-K children and where children will be appropriately supervised and escorted to the classroom by a school staff member. In alignment with the School Visitor Policy, if parents would like to escort their child to the classroom during morning arrival, they are permitted to do so as long as they are following the schools’ security procedures and they exit the school by the start of the instructional activities. Schools will also provide other opportunities for Pre-K parents to visit the classroom at regular intervals throughout the year. Such opportunities can include serving as a classroom/playground volunteer, observing in the classroom, participating in class projects or celebrations, etc. 


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