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Chancellor’s Parent Cabinet Meeting - March, 2014

Last Date:

Chancellor’s Conference Room


Parent Cabinet Purpose

The Chancellor’s Parent Cabinet (Parent Cabinet) will serve as a mechanism for parent leaders to inform and
work with the Chancellor regarding decisions on programs and policies that affect our schools.
Meeting Goals
1) Establish group understanding and norms on working together
2) Generate shared areas of focus for agenda going forward


  • DCPS Chancellor’s Parent Cabinet Members: Susan Boa, Angelina Bradley, Gary Carleton, Olivia A. Chase, Patrick Clowney, Craig DeWolfe, Marcio Duffles, David Galbraith, Sirraya Gant, Vivian Guerra,  Christena Howell, Laura Levine, Rahul  Mereand-Sinha, Gloria Norman-Okojie, Dan Rosenthal, Andrew Rowe, Leslie Scott, Idella Simpson, Thomas Strike, Emily Walton, Aquila Watson, Martin Welles, Arthur Yarbrough
  • Not in attendance: Kevonya Dickens
  • Chancellor Kaya Henderson
  • DCPS Office of Family and Public Engagement: Josephine Bias Robinson, Shanita Burney, Andy Le,

Jennifer Skates, Evelyn Wong