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IMPACT: An Overview

IMPACT - The DCPS Effectiveness Assessment System for School-Based Personnel

What is staff IMPACT?

IMPACT is DCPS’s system for assessing and rewarding the performance of teachers and other school-based staff. To learn more about school leader IMPACT, please visit here.

The system is designed to help staff become more effective by:

Clarifying Expectations — IMPACT outlines clear performance expectations for all school-based employees. We have worked to ensure that the performance metrics and supporting rubrics are clear and aligned to your specific responsibilities.

Providing Feedback — Quality feedback is a key element of the improvement process. This is why, during each assessment cycle, you will have a conference to discuss your strengths as well as your growth areas. You can also view written comments about your performance by logging into your IMPACT account at impactdcps.dc.gov.

Facilitating Collaboration — By providing a common language to discuss performance, IMPACT helps support the collaborative process. This is essential, as we know that communication and teamwork create the foundation for student success.

Driving Professional Development — The information provided by IMPACT helps DCPS make strategic decisions about how to use our resources to best support you. We can also use this information to differentiate our support programs by cluster, school, grade, job type, or any other category.

Retaining Great People — Having highly effective teachers and staff members in our schools helps everyone improve. By mentoring and by serving as informal role models, these individuals provide a concrete picture of excellence that motivates and inspires us all. IMPACT helps retain these individuals by providing significant recognition for outstanding performance.

To learn more about how staff IMPACT works, please visit the 2017-2018 IMPACT Guidebooks here.  To learn more about school leader IMPACT, please visit here.

DCPS school-based staff members may view their IMPACT data by logging in to the IMPACT database at impactdcps.dc.gov.

If you have questions related to IMPACT you may contact the IMPACT team at [email protected] or at (202) 719-6553.