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DC Public Schools
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Determining If Pre-K Students Need Special Education

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What is Early Stages?

Early Stages is a DC Public Schools diagnostic center for children between the ages of 2 years 8 months and 5 years 10 months. We help identify any delays that your child may have and we arrange services to address them. We can serve any child who goes to a DC public school, is home-schooled or has not yet entered the school system. Please call us if your child attends a charter school. We will help you find the right person to talk to. If your child is in a DC private school or in a DC childcare center, we can work with you, even if you live outside of DC. All services are FREE.

When should I call Early Stages?

If you are concerned about how your child is walking, talking, playing, learning, or behaving, don’t wait to see if your child will grow out of it. The experts at our family-friendly center will work with you to identify your child’s strengths as well as areas where they might need extra help. The first five years of a child’s life are the most important to their development. The earlier a child receives services, the more likely it is that their needs will be reduced or even eliminated as they get older. Please visit or watch this video to learn more.

What is the best way to contact Early Stages?

The best way is the way that is easiest for you!

If your child is younger than 2 years 8 months, please contact Strong Start, the DC Early Intervention Program, at (202) 727-3665.