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IMPACT Review Findings to Date (August 2021)

In October 2019, Chancellor Ferebee announced a comprehensive, multiyear review of the IMPACT evaluation and feedback system, informed by the feedback he received from DCPS staff and a commitment to ensuring that our teachers have the foundational supports to succeed and continue to be held to consistent, high standards. Over the course of the IMPACT Review, DCPS has engaged over 3,500 stakeholders in providing input; conducted research and analysis of IMPACT data; consulted with multiple internal and external advisory groups, including national experts in education; and partnered with American University’s School of Education to provide an independent perspective through teacher interviews.

The findings shared on this page reflect the aim of the Review to examine the IMPACT landscape, particularly to better understand where improvements can be made and to share those learnings with DCPS stakeholders. Note that the IMPACT Review is still in progress. Further evolutions to IMPACT will be explored in the coming year for implementation in SY 22-23 and beyond.

This page offers a library of IMPACT Review data and analysis to date. Based on the first phase of the comprehensive review, key high-level findings from DCPS include:

  • There is wide variation in the perceptions of IMPACT across the DCPS community, from strongly positive to strongly negative.
  • In the Insight survey, a majority of teachers (54 percent) felt that IMPACT helped their growth to some extent. However, there was strong consensus among teachers and school leaders that IMPACT had meaningful areas of improvement to support teacher growth.
  • A significant number of teachers experienced stress and/or anxiety regarding outcomes with respect to IMPACT.
  • Many teachers, particularly those new to DCPS, did not feel they had a clear understanding of IMPACT and wanted more opportunities to learn about IMPACT and its accompanying systems.
  • DCPS district retention of teachers has increased since the start of IMPACT, from 77.8 percent in 2009-10 to 85.3 percent in 2018-19. Notably, 96 percent of Highly Effective teachers have returned to DCPS from one year to the next in recent years. Based on reviewed feedback from exit surveys and Insight, Effective and Highly Effective rated teachers rarely cite IMPACT as their reason for leaving in recent years.

  • DCPS analysis found disparate outcomes between white teachers and teachers of color. See Equity/Disparate Outcomes memo for more information.


IMPACT Review Findings Library (August 2021)

Data and analysis from the IMPACT Review to date are now accessible through the links below.

Findings from American University School of Education

  • The American University findings report -- Perspectives on DCPS IMPACT Teacher Evaluation System: Findings from Teachers and School Leaders--includes analysis from 46 DCPS teacher interviews, school leader surveys and focus groups, and IMPACT data analysis.

Summaries of Findings by DCPS

Note that each document includes a summary of key findings for each section.

  • IMPACT Results Data Analysis
  • Stakeholder Perceptions


Related- Evolutions to IMPACT SY 21-22: Informed by these findings, an initial set of evolutions to IMPACT was announced in August 2021.

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