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DC Public Schools
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Sustainable DCPS

What does it mean to go green?

A truly sustainable society seeks balance between environmental, social, and economic health. Each generation does its best to ensure that future generations are equipped to thrive in perpetuity.

Every office in DCPS contributes to the long-term sustainability of its students and their families. Education leads to careers. Full bellies fuel minds. Family engagement offers a support network to reach success. Healthy students are better able to thrive. Green buildings incubate safe, inclusive learning. School gardens connect students to the earth.

  • Building construction is economically, environmentally and socially impactful. DCPS’s modernized schools are built to strict green standards to minimize negative impacts to the environment; from using recycled materials to installing energy-saving lights and saving water.
  • School gardens provide local food to students and their families; create habitat for biodiversity; strengthen community ties; teach students to grow nutritious food close to home; host art and math classes; and in some cases teach business skills to students.
  • CTE programs and scholarship opportunities equip our students with skills and experience to succeed in careers and thrive as the next generation’s solid middle class.

DCPS teachers have the greatest opportunity to promote sustainability in their classrooms by highlighting interconnected systems. Literacy is intertwined with science and social studies; garden vegetables can star in art, math and science instruction. Rain falling on school rooftops is linked to fees on water bills, as well as the health of fishable and swimmable DC rivers. Energy generation (whether coal, wind, nuclear, or solar) is linked to geography, chemistry, social studies and economics.