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Expectant and Parenting Students

New Heights Program for Expectant and Parenting Students

The New Heights Program for Expectant and Parenting Students provides expectant and parenting DCPS students (male or female) with the assistance, support and guidance they need to handle the responsibilities of raising a child and graduating from high school. The program seeks to keep students engaged in school, improve the graduation rates of these students, prepare them for college or career, and prevent subsequent pregnancies. 
Students participating in New Heights work as partners with program staff members to develop strengths-based solutions to the challenges confronting them and their children. Primary program components include supportive case management and educational workshops. 

New Heights offers:

  • Supportive case management and assistance with securing services, such as a childcare voucher, WIC, housing, TANF, employment, job training opportunities, college/university admissions and more.
  • Educational workshops including such topics such as pre-natal care, parenting, life skills, financial literacy, career planning, healthy relationships and other issues concerning today’s youth.
  • An incentive program that allows participants to earn free items for their children such as diapers, clothing, toys, equipment, accessories and so much more.
  • If eligible, program participants may receive tokens for transportation and/or a daily stipend.

New Heights Brochure & Views from New Heights

The following schools have the New Heights program in their buildings, and can be reached at the following phone numbers:

Program Manager (202) 442-5040

  • Anacostia, (202) 645-4040
  • Ballou, (202) 645-3400
  • Cardozo, (202) 671-1995
  • CHEC, (202) 939-7700 ext. 5063
  • Coolidge, (202) 282-0081
  • Dunbar, (202) 698-3762
  • Luke C. Moore, (202) 678-7890
  • Roosevelt, (202) 576-8899
  • Roosevelt STAY, (202) 576-8399
  • Washington MET, (202)727-4985
  • Wilson, (202) 282-0120
  • Woodson, (202) 939-2030