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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is Dual Enrollment? Dual Enrollment offers students the opportunity to take challenging college courses not offered at their high school, while earning college credit!

How much does Dual Enrollment cost? Tuition and registration fees are fully covered for accepted students. Special course fees (ex. art course materials fee) are to be covered by the student. Textbook support varies annually by Dual Enrollment program.

What are the advantages of Dual Enrollment? Dual Enrollment offers students the opportunity to maintain their high school status while enrolling part-time at participating local universities. Additional benefits may include:

  • Helps students build confidence in completing college-level coursework
  • Enables student to start college with a well-established GPA
  • Enhances high level thinking skills, which help students throughout college
  • Lowers the overall costs of college

Who can participate in Dual Enrollment? DCPS students in grades 10-12 can participate in Dual Enrollment. Click here to view college/university specific grade-level and GPA requirements for each Dual Enrollment program.

Can I apply to more than 1 program? Yes! You can apply to all 3 Dual Enrollment programs (if eligible) during the open application period. Upon acceptance, students are encouraged to meet with their school counselor or the DCPS Dual Enrollment Coordinator to discuss what option best fits the student's schedule and academic desires.

Who selects Dual Enrollment participants? Each university sets their own requirements for admissions and makes all admissions decisions independent of DCPS. DCPS acts as the intermediary and helps to facilitate the application process.

What classes can I take? Dual Enrollment students are generally limited to available entry level courses. Click here to view the course offering process for each participating college/university.

Please note that course catalog offerings are subject to change from each academic term.

How many classes can I take? The number of courses a Dual Enrollment student can take per semester varies on the Dual Enrollment program and college/university they are attending. In general, most schools allow students to take one 3-credit course per semester, with some allowing students to take up to two courses.

When and where do Dual Enrollment classes take place? Course offerings vary from each university. Between the OSSE, DCPS Private, and UDC-CARE Dual Enrollment programs, there are a variety of virtual and in-person meeting options that offer courses during the school day and after school. For scheduling purposes, most students choose to take a course outside of school hours. To learn more about the course offering schedule by program, please click here.

Where does my grade show? Successful Dual Enrollment completion will show on the high school transcript (GPA neutral) to accurately reflect student's course rigor for college admissions purposes. The course will appear as "General Dual Enrollment Course – No Credit". Unless you formally request Dual Credit, the grade earned in your Dual Enrollment course will show only on your college transcript and NOT on your high school transcript.

Can I earn high school credit? Dual Enrollment by default is only for college credits. To earn both college AND high school credits for a Dual Enrollment course, students must request Dual Credit via the Dual Credit Request Form by the following end of term dates:

  • Deadline to request Dual Credit for a Fall 2022 Dual Enrollment course: Jan 25, 2023 (End of Term 2) 
  • Deadline to request Dual Credit for a Spring 2023 Dual Enrollment course: June 23, 2023 (End of Term 4) 
  • Deadline to request Dual Credit for a Summer 2023 Dual Enrollment course: Nov 3, 2023 (End of Term 1) 

If the Dual Credit Request Form is not completed within the timeframes specified above, students will only receive college credits for successful course completion.

Will Dual Enrollment credits transfer to other colleges/universities? Each college/university sets policies on credit transferability. While we encourage Dual Enrollment partner institutions to enroll students in highly transferrable courses, we cannot ensure credit transferability. We advise that you consult the school(s) you are planning to attend after high school graduation to be sure.

If my child has an IEP, will they receive the same accommodations and supports as they receive in high school? The DCPS Dual Enrollment Coordinator will assist students who self-identify with a disability and are receiving services through either an IEP or 504 plan with connection to Academic Support Service offices at each participating university. If you would like additional information on DCPS supports for students with disabilities, please reach out to [email protected].