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JROTC Curriculum

Our programs aims to teach Cadets to:

  1. Maximize potential for success through learning and self-management.
  2. Develop leadership skills.
  3. Incorporate principles of mental and physical wellness into behaviors and decisions.
  4. Build effective relationships with peers, co-workers, and the community.
  5. Apply physical and political geography to building global awareness.
  6. Correlate the rights and responsibilities of citizenship to the purposes of US government.
  7. Relate events in US history to choices and responsibilities Americans have today.
  8. Characterize the role of the military and other national service organizations in building a constitutional republic and maintaining peace in our society.
  9. Develop and pursue a plan for postsecondary success.

JROTC Core Abilities

The JROTC Core Abilities describe the broad, life-long skills that every cadet needs for success in future life and career endeavors. The core abilities are a result of the goals and values that drive the JROTC program and are built upon over the program’s four years through integrating various lesson competencies and skills throughout the JROTC curriculum. The JROTC Core Abilities are:

  1. Build your capacity for life-long learning.
  2. Communicate using verbal, non-verbal, visual, and written techniques.
  3. Take responsibility for your actions and choices.
  4. Do your share as a good citizen in your school, community, country, and the world.
  5. Treat self and others with respect.
  6. Apply critical thinking techniques.

The JROTC curriculum fully or partially addresses a number of the McREL academic standards:

Self- Regulation
Language Arts
Thinking and Reasoning
Life Skills

Nautical Astronomy
Working with Others
Life Work
US History