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DCPS Onboarding

Step #1:  Individual submits an application for employment on the DCPS website. View career opportunities here:

Step #2:  If selected for hire by a Principal (school-based staff) or a Manager (Central Office staff), the candidate will receive detailed instructions about pre-employment requirements. That information will be provided through a Selected for Hire email that will be automatically sent to the candidate.

Step #3:  Candidate completes the background check, drug test, and TB test, and signs up to attend an onboarding session. Note: All onboarding requirements must be completed within 15 days of selection in order to maintain eligibility of hire.

Step #4:  Candidate attends onboarding session and submits required documentation. Find additional information on required documentation for onboarding, as well as a general overview of the salary determination process here. Please note: candidates must submit all required documents in order to receive an offer letter and begin work.

Step #5:  The Staffing team confirms successful completion of onboarding requirements & submission of all required paperwork and sends an offer letter to candidate.

Step #6:  After the candidate accepts the offer letter, he/she reports to work on the scheduled start date.



DCPS Onboarding FAQs

How can I sign-up for orientation?

After a candidate is selected for hire, the individual will receive an automated message (via email) outlining all remaining onboarding requirements. That email will also contain a link to RSVP for an onboarding session. Use the link in the email to sign-up for a session that best suits your needs.

How can I obtain a tuberculosis (TB) test?

Candidates must provide proof a ‘negative’ result on TB test or other equivalent examination (i.e. chest exam). Candidates can obtain a TB test from a range of sources (i.e. personal medical doctor or any walk-in facility); DCPS does not require a specific facility to conduct the TB test. Candidates may submit TB test results from previous examination taken within the last calendar year. Testing that occurred one (1) year ago (or longer) will not be accepted.

When will I receive an offer letter?

A candidate will receive an offer letter once the following four (4) steps have been completed:

  1. Successful completion of background check
  2. Successful completion of drug testing
  3. Provided proof of satisfactory tuberculosis (TB) test results
  4. Completion of all required documentation

When will I receive an employee ID badge?

After you receive your offer letter please visit Human Resources (HR) to have your picture taken for the ID badge.

When will I receive my first paycheck?

DCPS employees are paid biweekly according to the Current Pay Schedule. Please review this schedule to confirm your paycheck date.

When will I receive my dc.gov email address?

Email login information is sent to your personal email address within ten (10) business days of hire. Please be sure to log into your dc.gov email address once you are provided access.

When will I receive my PeopleSoft information?

PeopleSoft login information is emailed to your dc.gov email address within ten (10) business days of hire. Please be sure to log into your dc.gov email account to obtain your PeopleSoft information.

What types of benefits can I enroll in?

DCPS employees have the option to enroll in a range of benefits such as medical, dental, optical, disability, and life insurances, flexible spending accounts, and retirement plans. Please visit our benefits website for details.

When can I sign-up for benefits?

New employees have 31 days from their date of hire to enroll in benefits. Please note that benefits selections must be submitted in PeopleSoft (unless otherwise noted).

What is my work schedule?

Please refer to your direct supervisor to confirm your daily work schedule. Scheduled closures such as holidays and professional development can be found on the DCPS Calendar.

How can I sign-up for direct deposit?

Direct deposit information must be entered in PeopleSoft at pshcm.dc.gov from a DC Government network computer (i.e. school campuses and Central Office).

To get started, log into PeopleSoft, click Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > Direct Deposit.

Note:  The direct deposit feature is not available using the alternate PeopleSoft website (ess.dc.gov) or at your home.

How can I sign-up for union membership?

Certain position types have mandatory, automatic union membership (see overview below). Other positions, such as Central Office and other school-based positions do not have union membership.

Does my union provide benefits?

Unions can provide dental, vision, employee support, and other benefits. For a full list of what your union has to offer, please contact your union to confirm. Please visit the union contact information frequently-asked-question for details.

How can I contact my union?

Please find union contact information below:

  • AFSCME Union 1720/2921:  (202) 733-3752
  • Council of School Officers (CSO):  (202) 526-4700
  • Teamster’s- Local 693:  (202) 636-8170
  • Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU):  (202) 293-8600


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