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Mandatory Alcohol and Drug Testing

What is DC Public Schools’ Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing program?

As mandated by the Child and Youth, Safety and Health Omnibus Amendment Act of 2004 (CYSHA), DCPS has implemented a Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing (MDAT) Program. Under CYSHA, all employees in “safety-sensitive” positions – those with a significant degree of contact with students – must be subject to drug and alcohol testing. Employees in “safety-sensitive positions” will be subject to testing in the following cases:

Upon reasonable suspicion of drug or alcohol use, Before being permitted to return to duty after seeking drug or alcohol treatment,

As a follow-up to drug or alcohol treatment, and After an accident that could reasonably be attributed to drug or alcohol use For more information, please visit the DCPS Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing Program website.

How do I obtain a drug test for employment with DCPS?

Obtaining a drug test with for employment with DCPS is easy, secure, and free of cost to candidates. Drug testing is one pre-employment requirement that must be fulfilled prior to working at a DCPS location. However, it is not necessary to seek drug testing ahead of time—you will be prompted when to begin the drug testing process. Please note that drug testing must be completed within fifteen (15) days of the date you are selected for hire.

Once you are selected for hire:

School based staff - You will receive an email from the [email protected] on behalf of DCPS Staffing containing a link for you to schedule and complete your drug screening test. If you have questions regarding your drug screening test, please contact the DCPS MDAT at [email protected].

Central Office based school staff & After-School staff - You must sign up for drug testing within fifteen (15) days of your notice. If you fail to schedule your test or miss your appointment, you will be ineligible for employment for 3 years. To schedule your appointment, send the following information to the DCPS Mandatory Alcohol and Drug (MDAT) team at [email protected]

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Social security number

Once your information is received by MDAT, you will receive an email from [email protected] with a link to schedule your appointment. Once your test is complete, MDAT will receive your alcohol and drug testing and update the Staffing team with the results.

Contractors - You must work with your contracting company to schedule your drug and alcohol test within 15 days of the date you are selected for hire. Once your results are completed, your contracting company must submit those results (within 5 days of receipt) to the DCPS MDAT team to be cleared for hire.

Please note, if you been approved to use medical marijuana, whether in DC or outside of DC, you are required to provide that documentation to the DCPS MDAT prior to starting your employment with DCPS.

How do I obtain my drug test results?

Your drug testing results are communicated from the medical facility to DCPS, typically within five (5) business days following the test date. Your employment file will be updated accordingly—it is not necessary for you to collect your drug testing results to provide to DCPS. Once we have evidence that you have cleared the background check and the drug test, you will receive notification regarding your status in the onboarding process.

What happens if an individual does not pass the drug test?

If a candidate does not pass the drug test, they are not eligible for employment in a safety-sensitive position with DCPS for a period of three years.

If an employee does not pass the drug test, they are subject to termination and will be denied subsequent appointment to a position within DCPS for a period of three years.

Which substances does DCPS test for?

The drug test is used to determine the presence of the following illegal drugs/controlled substances – marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and phencyclidine. Applicants are tested for the presence of drugs only. Employees are tested for the presence of both drugs and alcohol.

Who is subject to testing?

DCPS has determined that all applicants and employees in “safety sensitive” positions, both instructional and non-instructional, are subject to testing.

Is there a cost for the drug and alcohol test?

There is no cost to candidates or employees for the drug test. DCPS pays for the full cost of the test.

I have to take prescription medication on a regular basis. Will this cause a positive test?

If the first test result is positive, the testing lab will automatically conduct a second test (from the specimen) to confirm that it is not a false positive result. If both test results are positive, the Medical Review Officer will contact the donor to determine if there is a legitimate medical reason for the positive result.

What do I do if I suspect that a co-worker is under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

DCPS employees are required to report any suspected drug or alcohol abuse on the part of another employee to a supervisor, or directly to the MDAT Team. Reports will be held confidential to the full extent permitted by law.


DCPS Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

Phone   (202) 724-5682
Fax          (202) 654-6047
Email     [email protected]

If you would like additional information regarding the MDAT program as a prospective employee, please review the DCPS Pre-Employment Mandatory Drug Testing Policy.

If you would like additional information regarding the MDAT program as a current employee, please review the DCPS Employee Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy.