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DC Public Schools
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Request an Adult Meal

Adult Meals

Parents, visitors, and school staff: come dine with us!

2023-24 Adult Meal Prices

  • Adult breakfast - $4.00
  • Adult lunch - $5.00

Setting Up a Staff Meal Account.  Visit to register for a new acocunt.  Add yourself using your PeopleSoft ID number.  Money can be added to your accoun in two ways: 1. Credit Card or 2. Check or Money order made payable to the DC Treasurer.  Please mail to DCPS Food & Nutrition Services, Attention Nadine James, 1200 First St NE, 9th Floor, Washington, DC 20002  Parents and school visitors are required to pay for meals. Each guest must set-up and load funds into a meal account in advance of service. Adults may only purchase breakfast and lunch. Afterschool meals are not available for adults. To set up a meal account, please use the Adult Meal Registration Form.  An email will be sent to you within 24 business hours that will include your Adult Meal Account number. You must load money onto your Adult Meal Account before being able to purchase a meal.  Money can be added to your account in two ways:  Visit to register, an online prepayment platform (you will need your DCPS Adult Meal Account number to create this account). Once the account is linked, add money via credit or debit card. Send check or money order made payable to the DC Treasurer to: DCPS Food & Nutrition Services ATTN:  Nadine James 1200 First Street, NE 9th Floor Washington, DC 20002   

Step 1:  Complete the Adult Meal Account request form here.
Step 2:  Check your email within 1-2 business days.
Step 3:  Visit to register.

Staff Balance Transfers

Balances from matched staff accounts will automatically transfer from MySchoolBucks to LINQConnect.  If you had funds on a MySchoolBucks account AND do not see your transferred balance after October 10, 2023, please see below for directions.


Request a Refund or Funds Transfer to LINQ Connect

Please complete this DCPS Adult Meal Account Refund and Transfer Form to request one of the following transactions:

  • Request a refund
  • Transfer an existing balance to a:
    • DCPS Student account
    • DCPS Staff account, or
    • New, Adult (Visitors) account in LINQ Connect.

IMPORTANT: Please have your MySchoolBucks ID number available to assist FNS in identifying your old account.  After September 30, 2024, all remaining MySchoolBucks balances will be converted to a donation to assist with student meal debt.  Refunds and transfers within LINQ Connect will remain available.