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Section 504 Process

The school-based 504 coordinator is responsible for managing the Section 504 process, which includes the following:

Referral: The school-based 504 coordinator receives the referral from a parent or staff member. Within fifteen (15) school days, the coordinator holds an eligibility meeting.

Eligibility Meeting: The team--which consists of at least one person knowledgeable about the student, one person knowledgeable about the curriculum and accommodations, and one person knowledgeable about the evaluation data--determines as a team whether there is enough information to determine eligibility. The team will consider all of the available data and documentation to determine if the student has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.

If the team determines that the student does have an impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, then the student is eligible under Section 504, and the team will proceed to write a 504 plan.

504 Plan: Within five (5) school days of determining eligibility, the team will write the 504 plan, which consists of the classroom accommodations, related services, testing accommodations, assistive technology, and/or behavior management plan that the team determines are necessary for the student to access the general education curriculum to the same extent as nondisabled students. After the plan is written, it is distributed to all school personnel who interact with the student, and it is uploaded into the DCPS’ database of record for Section 504.

Monitoring: Students with 504 plans are general education students and receive the same monitoring as other general education students, including progress reports & report cards, district assessments and parent-teacher conferences.

The 504 Team will reconvene at least once every year to review the 504 plan.
The 504 Team will reconvene at least once every three years to review the eligibility.

An illustration of the 504 process described above, with arrows between each step: 1. Referral, 2. Eligibility, 3. 504 Plan, 4. Montoring