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DC Public Schools

OCTO is aware of the global issue with CrowdStrike’s update impacting Windows servers and computers. CrowdStrike has identified the issue and a fix. We are supporting District agencies to ensure operations continue. At this time, District operations are not experiencing major impacts.

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Every DCPS school has a Section 504 Coordinator, designated by the school principal. The Section 504 Coordinator serves as the school’s main point of contact for questions from students, parents, and school staff regarding accommodations and services under Section 504. Your school's 504 coordinator is the best point of contact if you have any questions or concerns about 504. Contact your school's main office in order to be connected with your Section 504 Coordinator.

Within the Office of School Improvement and Supports, the Section 504 and Student Accommodations Team has staff members dedicated to supporting schools' development and implementation of 504 plans. If you have general inquiries, the Central Office Section 504 and Student Accommodations Team can be reached at the following: [email protected] or (202) 442-5471.

If you think that you or your student have been discriminated against or treated unfairly, you are invited to submit a grievance. Get more information about the grievance procedures in DCPS or contact [email protected].