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Non-Union Employees

Employees who are not classified within a union include the majority of our Central Office positions. Non-union employees are placed on three pay scales: EG, EX, and DS. Current employees can visit the Educator Portal to download position descriptions. You can also submit your position description request and compensation questions to the Compensation team at [email protected].

Pay Scale

Salary Increases

Within the EG-Non Union pay scale, there are nine salary bands: EG 8 through EG 16. Non-Union EG employees are eligible to progress to the next step on the pay scale after successful completion of the required year(s) of service within their position. The years of service required for each step on the pay scale is outlined below. Within the EX pay scale, there are six salary bands: EX-1 through EX-6. Non-Union EX employees are eligible to progress along the pay scale based upon the Chancellor's discretion.

Non Union

  • Steps 1-3:  1 year of service
  • Steps 4-6:  2 years of service
  • Steps 7-10:  3 years of service

Educational Levels

The EG and EX non-union pay scale has one educational level, which applies to all employees on this scale.

Pay Schedule

EG and EX non-union employees are on a 12-month pay schedule.

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