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DC Public Schools
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Council of School Officers (CSO)

The Council of School Officers union membership includes DCPS employees from a variety of positions such as school leadership, administrators, and service providers, placed on five pay scales: ET Officer (four versions) and EG Officer. Browse the following sections to view position compensation information for each position type. For more information regarding compensation please email [email protected].

EG/ET Pay Scales

Salary Increases

Employees are eligible to progress to the next step on the pay scale, after successful completion of the required year(s) of service within their position. The years of service required for each step on the pay scale is outlined below. Please keep in mind that ET Officer Principle and ET Officer Assistant Principle/Master Educator salary increases are based upon the Chancellor's discretion.


  • Steps 1-4: 1 year of service
  • Steps 5-7: 2 years of service
  • Steps 8-10: 3 years of service

ET Officer:

  • Steps 1-9: 1 year of service

ET Officer RSP:

  • Steps 1 to 11: 1 year of service
  • Step 12: 4 years of service
  • Step 13: 1 year of service
  • Steps 14-16: 2 years of service

Educational Levels

The EG Officer, ET Officer Principal, and ET Officer- AP/ME pay scales have one educational level band, which applies to all employees on their respected pay scales. All other ET Officers can receive a salary increase upon completion of additional credit hours by applying for an Educational Level Promotion (ELP). Within the ET Officer-RSP pay scale, there are five salary bands: Bachelor’s, Bachelor’s + 15 credits, Bachelor's+ 30 Credits/Master, Master’s + 30 credits, or PhD. ET Officer pay scales have three educational level bands, which applies to employees with a Master’s, Master’s + 45 credits, or PhD.

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